Fingal County Council Goes Electric!

Fingal County Council’s transport fleet is made up of 230 vehicles, which consumed 6.4 GWh of energy in 2017 and accounted for 12% of the council’s total emissions, due to its reliance on petrol and diesel.

Converting the fleet to electric vehicles is essential to reducing these carbon emissions, and the council is implementing a replacement programme which aims to electrify FCC’s fleet, where possible, by 2030.To begin this process, Fingal County Council has recently added five new electric vehicles to its fleet, in an effort to promote sustainability and tackle climate change.

The fully-electric Citroen Berlingo vans mark the beginning of Fingal’s transition to the electrification of its fleet.

Twelve charging points were also recently installed across Fingal, where electric vehicles are expected to take just 30 minutes to completely re-charge at these points.