10 Sep 2021

Dublin Climate Action Week - Sand Mural

Image of DCAW sand mural
Photo credit: Paul-Michel Ledoux

To mark Dublin Climate Action Week 2021, we wanted to come up with an idea to advertise the week on a large scale but in a low impact, environmentally friendly way. The Dublin Climate Action Regional Office (CARO), the four Dublin Local Authorities and Codema decided to partner with local sand artist Daniel Doyle (http://fleetingsculpture.com/) to harness the power of art and nature to create a spectacular sand mural of the Dublin Climate Action Week logo.

Early on a Sunday morning, hardy climate action volunteers met with artist Daniel on Portmarnock Beach to create the piece. With just manpower and a few rakes, it was a race against the tide to mark it all out and rake each element of the logo. The phrase ‘time and tide wait for no man’ couldn’t have been more apt for this sand mural.

Passersby on the beach stopped to observe and ask us what it was about, which was a great way to speak to members of the public about the week and about climate action in the Dublin region. We also partnered with photographer and drone operators from www.1minute40.com to capture and visually document the process of creating the mural.   

It was a real team effort to create the final product which echoed our tagline for the week which is “Taking Action, Together”. As a team, we stood back and watched the tide wash away the piece, leaving no trace behind. The mural being washed away by the rising tide also echoes the power of nature and how we are interfering with natural processes through greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, which is resulting in climate change impacts around the globe.

Check out the video of the final product below and make sure you go to our events page and register for our wide range of Dublin Climate Action Week events – we hope to see you there.

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