22 Jul 2019

Raheny Climate Action Forum

Dublin City Council & the Dublin Climate Action Regional Office (CARO) attended the Raheny Climate Action forum last week, which was hosted by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton TD.

Céline Reilly, Executive Manager with Dublin City Council’s Environment and Transportation Department, took part in a panel discussion on climate action and outlined the work that the Council is doing across a range of areas, as part of its Climate Change Action Plan.

The aim of the forum was to discuss how we can take the necessary actions on climate change, both locally and globally.

It also presented the opportunity to discuss how communities can feed into this strategy, in light of the Government’s recently-published Climate Action Plan 2019 To Tackle Climate Breakdown.

If we succeed, Ireland will be a better place with cleaner air, warmer homes, more resilient enterprises, more secure incomes and jobs, and a sustainable relationship with the world around us.

Raheny Climate Action Forum
(L-R) David Dodd (CARO), Céline Reilly (Dublin City Council) and Minister Richard Bruton at the Raheny Climate Action Forum.