This page hosts a range of resources and event recordings from Dublin’s first-ever Climate Action Week in 2021. Further resources for Dublin Climate Action Week 2022 will be added here after the events have taken place.


Conscious Cup Campaign

The Conscious Cup Campaign is a non-profit that is helping to eliminate the use of single use cups in the cafe and food to go sector in Ireland. This webinar is presented by Sorcha Kavanagh who discusses all the steps cafes need to take to help encourage and incentivise consumers to bring their own reusable cups in, and by doing so prevent waste from single use cups. The webinar highlights the Conscious Cup Campaign Café Map and there are tips for Tidy Towns groups dealing with litter from disposable cups. See for more information!

Climate Change Projections for Ireland Webinar

This panel discussion involving experts in climate change and weather talks about the differences between weather and climate, the current climate change projections for Ireland to 2050 and how we can adapt to the climate impacts we are experiencing and will face in the future.

Books to Save the Planet

Dublin City Council has curated a list of books that explore climate change and all its many faces – whether it’s the brutal truth in David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth that provides the reader with a cautionary and yet hopeful prose about our current climate crisis or the fantastical sands of Frank Herbert’s Dune that portrays a changing global climate in this award-winning sci-fi novel, we even have a list of children’s books for those trying to explain a complex yet vital issue to our youngest generations. We have curated a list for all – learn more about climate change and be inspired to spread the word and take positive action!

Ask The Experts: Live Q&A

Starting the journey of making your home more energy efficient can be a daunting task from understanding where the best place is to start to knowing what grants are available! The Dublin Energy Agency, Codema brought together a panel of experts to share their advice and to answer some of your burning questions relating to home energy upgrades.