This page will host a range of resources and event recordings from Dublin’s first-ever Climate Action Week, a one-week programme of online and physical events running from 13th - 19th September 2021. Watch this space!


Watch the DCAW21 Promotional Video Here

In this video, the Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, the Mayors of South Dublin County Council and Fingal County Council, and the Lord Mayor of Dublin City Council talk about the aim of #DCAW21 and the exciting programme of events that are planned across a range of areas.

Podcasts to Save the Planet

Dublin City Council has curated a list of podcasts covering all sorts of topics that interact with climate change, helping you explore the issue, understand it better and to inspire further interest and action in one of this generation's greatest challenges. Links to each show and episode have been added to the list to make it easier to find any and all of the podcasts on the list you wish to listen to - just click on the podcast name or episode! Now you can listen on your way to work, on a walk, in your kitchen or snuggled up on your couch for the evening with a cup of tea!

Books to Save the Planet

Dublin City Council has curated a list of books that explore climate change and all its many faces – whether it’s the brutal truth in David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth that provides the reader with a cautionary and yet hopeful prose about our current climate crisis or the fantastical sands of Frank Herbert’s Dune that portrays a changing global climate in this award-winning sci-fi novel, we even have a list of children’s books for those trying to explain a complex yet vital issue to our youngest generations. We have curated a list for all – learn more about climate change and be inspired to spread the word and take positive action!