The newly-established Dublin Metropolitan Climate Action Regional Office (CARO) is one of four regional climate change offices that have been set up in response to Action 8 of the 2018 National Adaptation Framework (NAF). Under the NAF, sectoral adaptation plans are to be developed and implemented that will affect the work of the DLAs. As such, the Dublin CARO will liaise with respective government departments to align actions undertaken by the DLAs with sectoral adaptation plans.

The role of the Dublin CARO is to:

  • Assist the local authorities within the region in preparing their own Climate Change Action Plan.
  • Develop education and awareness initiatives for the public, schools, NGOs and other agencies engaged in driving the climate change agenda and contribute to the National Dialogue on Climate Action on a local and regional basis.
  • Link with third-level institutions in developing a centre of excellence for specific risks – in the case of the Dublin Region, this will be for urban climate effects.
  • Liaise and interact with the Dublin energy agency Codema.